Equipment and Truck Tracking Solutions for the construction industry

Load Count Goes Green...

We have integrated our existing RFID systems with a solar powered solution ensuring full time operability with no wires.  Operating at night is still possible with the battery packs that allow 24 hour operation. 


Load Count RFID - How RFID Works . . .

Radio Frequency Identification(RFID)

RFID uses radio waves to collect data from wireless tags that are mounted or attached to equipment or materials.  By passing a tag by a reader a signal is created and data is collected and trasmitted for processing.  Data includes attributes like timestamp, equipment ID, signal strength and more.  

Our solutions use the RFID variables couples with expertise in the construction industry to provide a variety of solutions to make tracking equipment easier. From cycle times for scrapers or tracking gravel trucks on the jobsite we will provide the tools to increase your bottom line. 

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