Eqiupment and Truck Tracking Solutions for the construction industry

Load Count RFID - A Sa mple of our RFID projects

Cycle Times for Scrapers

When approached by a large scale earthmover we integrated a solution that monitored the cycle time of each scraper.  The equipment was installed with a low cost but durable RFID tag which triggered a reader as the equipment passed by.  The user was able to see real time data to keep the dirt "moving" as efficently as possible.  We decreased cycle times signifigantly after just one day making our customer thousands in profit!


Tracking Trucks on the Job Site

WKeeping track on millions of cubic yard of import material for an airport is a full time job in itself.  Our systems were able to track the trucks as the entered the jobsite making the accounting procedures as simple as clicking a button.  All this with no one collecting truck tickets!

Checking up on the Contractor

On a large time and material jobsite the owner wanted to verify the times reported.  Using RFID tags the equipment and operators "clocked IN" and "clocked OUT" using our RFID systems.  The owner and contractor stayed on track, on schedule, and most importantly on budget with Load Count RFID.

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